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HerAnswer.com: Featuring Can-C Eye Drops, Uriflow,
Protexid, Weight Loss, Health and Nutrition Products.
All with a 90-Day Guarantee and FREE US Shipping!

New & Top Selling Products

Algos Pain Cream Pain Relief Cream - 4 oz $35.95 Buy it
TestaEdge for Men Boosts Men's Testosterone - 4 oz $36.95 Buy it
TestaEdge for Women Boosts Women's Testosterone - 4 oz $36.95 Buy it
Thyroid Strength Natural Thyroid Supplement - 30 tabs $19.97 Buy it
Liver Detox Formula Liquid Liver Cleanse - 1 oz $16.50 Buy it
Eternox Peptide Crème for Wrinkles - 1 oz $95.00 Buy it
Peptide Eye Creme For Eye Bags and Circles - 1/2 oz $83.00 Buy it
AllerPhase For Allergy Relief - 30 caps $39.95 Buy it
Green Tea Formula For Healthy Weight Loss - 1 ounce $16.95 Buy it
Turmeric Extract Anti-inflammatory for Pain - 60 caps $24.20 Buy it
AMPK Activator Emulates Caloric Restriction - 90 caps $36.00 Buy it
Uriflow Improved Kidney Stone Formula - 60 caps $39.00 Buy it
Melatonin MZS Dr. Pierpaoli's Original Formula - 60 tabs $19.95 Buy it
Protexid For Acid Indigestion - 40 caps $42.00 Buy it
Can-C Eye Drops N-acetylcarnosine Eye Drops - 1 box $39.00 Buy it

Top Selling Women's Health Products

See All Women's Health Products

NPC - Natural progesterone creamNPC Natures Precise Cream
By Sarati. Superior quality body moisturizing cream. - 2 oz

1 Tubes  $17.85     Buy it
NPC volume pricing

EST - Body Cream containing Natural Estrogen Cream and ProgesteroneEST Essential Support Treatment
By Sarati. Body moisturizing cream for women over 50 - 2 oz

1 Tube   $19.30    Buy it
EST volume pricing

KegelMaster | Kegel MasterKegelMaster Kegel Exerciser
Helps with incontinence, prolapse, and enhanced intimacy. With free DVD.

               1 for    $98.95     Buy it

Natural DHEA Cream for WomenDHEA Body Cream for Women
By Sarati. Deep Hydrating Essential Aloe for women. 2 oz

1 Tubes $18.90    Buy it
DHEA for Women volume pricing

Vaginal Dryness TreatmentVaginal Dryness Solutions
Creams to help with vaginal dryness.  By Sarati, Dixie Health, and Very Private - 2 oz

Click Here for Vaginal Dryness Solutions

D Mannose to treat urinary tract infections (UTIs)D Mannose for Urinary Infections  Treats 90% of all urinary tract infections (UTI). Powder (65 gram) or capsules (90 caps).

Powder  $26.95  Buy it, Caps  $26.95  Buy it
D-Mannose volume pricing

Top Selling Men's Products

See All Men's Products

D-35 Complex - Natural DHEA cream for menD-35 Complex for Men
By Sarati for men. Body cream for men containing DHEA. 2 oz

1 Tube  $19.85   Buy it
D-35 Complex volume pricing

Prostate SupportProstate Support 
Helps reduce prostate enlargement as well as urinary issues.  60 softgel caps

1 bottle   $20.95    Buy it

Top Selling General Health Products

See All General Health Products

Monolaurin for colds and fluMonolaurin - 300 mg or 600 mg
Anti-microbial agent that may protect the immune system from a range of infectious agents. 90 caps

300 mg - 1 bottle  $18.95   Buy it
600 mg - 1 bottle  $30.95   Buy it

Uriflow - Kidney Stones TreatmentUriflow - Kidney Stone Supplement
Uri-flow the effective natural formulation for kidney stones by Discovery Herbs. 60 capsules 

1 bottle   $39.00  ($39.00 ea)    Buy it
3 bottles  $105.00  ($35.00 ea)    Buy It

Can-C Eye Drops for CataractsCan-C Eye Drops
Carnosine senile cataract eye drops.1% N-Acetyl-Carnosine. Can also help with dry eye.
Two 5ml bottles per box.

1 for   $39.00 ($39.00 ea)    Buy it
6 for $189.00 ($31.50 ea)    Buy It

GallCleanse for GallStones ReliefCan-C Plus Supplement
Oral nutrition supplement designed to work with and increase the potency of  Can-C Eye Drops.
90 tablets.

1 box   $34.50  ($34.50 ea)    Buy it
2 boxes  $65.00  ($32.50 ea)    Buy It

GallCleanse for GallStones ReliefGallCleanse
Powerful natural supplement by Discovery Herbs for gallstones. Approximately 30 day supply.
(1 Dissolvent  & 1 Flush).

1 bottle   $42.00 ($42.00 ea)    Buy it
3 bottles  $120.00 ($40.00 ea)    Buy It

Protexid for Acid Reflux, heartburn and GERDProtexid
The original heartburn relief formula developed in Brazil. Helps with symptoms of indigestion, GERD, and acid reflux. 40 capsules. 

1 bottle   $42.00 ($42.00 ea)    Buy it
3 bottles  $118.50 ($39.50 ea)    Buy It

Relevamine GS - Pain CreamRelevamine GS Pain Cream
Glucosamine Sulfate Cream with MSM.  For arthritis and joint pain. Aids in the healing process. Helps with  damaged cartilage. 3.5 oz.

1 jar   $31.95   Buy It

AMPK Activator by Life ExtensionAMPK Activator
By Life Extension. Emulates the effects of caloric restriction. Helps revitalize aging cells.
90 vegetarian capsules.

1 for $36.00   Buy It

Top Selling Skin and Personal Care Products

See All Skin and Personal Care Products

VitaOx - Antioxidant and vitamin skin care creamVitaOx Antioxidants for the Skin
Topical vitamin skin care supplement. Controls free radicals and reduces skin damage with 11 powerful antioxidants. 2 oz tube.

1 for $20.95   Buy it

Theraderm Eternox Peptide CreamEternox Peptide Creme
By Theraderm. Powerful 3 peptide wrinkle repair formula Tightens Neck Skin & Reduces Lines & Wrinkles. 1 oz.

1 for $95.00   Buy it

NuPeel Natural Facial and Skin Peel GelTheraderm NuPeel Skin Peel
Natural skin peel gel created by a plastic surgeon. Helps reverse signs of aging. 2 ounce tube.

1 for  $24.00   Buy it

OHT Peptide 3 Instant Firming and Lifting SerumSkindulgence Natural Facelift
Helps diminish the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles, develops the feel of firm facial muscles.

1 system for  $89.00    Buy it

Top Selling Hair Loss and Hair Growth Products

See All Hair Loss and Hair Growth Products

Spectral DNC-N for Thinning HairSpectral DNC-N 
By DS Laboratories.  For thinning hair.  Designed to surpass the limitations of minoxidil therapy.
60 ml.

1 bottle   $48.00    Buy it

Renew - Regrow thinning eye browsRenew - for Thinning Eyebrows
For both men and women.  Helps strengthen and encourage the growth of eyebrows. 100% natural formula.  0.33 oz

0.33 ounce     $29.95      Buy it

Top Selling Weight Loss Products

See All Weight Loss and Diet Products

HCG Remedy for Weight LossLiquid Green Tea Formula
By Vitabase.  Helps suppress appetite, increase metabolism, lower cholesterol and fight free radicals. 1 ounce

1 bottle   $16.95    Buy it

Green Tea ExtractGreen Tea Extract Capsules
Up to 30 times more potent than regular green tea. Suppresses appetite, increases metabolism,
60 capsules.

1 bottle   $14.98    Buy it

HerAnswer.com features quality products for the relief of kidney stones,
senile cataracts, acid reflux, GERD and more.

All orders are shipped within 24 hours (M-F, Holidays excluded).  You can order online, by calling us toll free at (866) 834-0131 (M-F, 10am - 4pm Pacific Time), or by postal mail (please send us this form).  We accept all major credit cards, as well as mailed in personal checks, and money orders (payable to Rose Enterprises).  We do not sell, transfer, or give away any of our customer's personal contact information. Thank you for your interest in our products. Terms and Conditions

HerAnswer.com is a health and nutrition products website. Our main offerings include:
Can-C Eye Drops for cataracts, Uriflow for kidney stone treatment, Protexid for the treatment of gastritis and acid reflux, and other natural remedies and supplements.

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Some useful resources for various issues are:
Cataracts - Wikipedia, Kidney Stones - WebMD, and Symptoms of Acid Reflux - Health.com


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