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EZ Plunge
The Mess Free Toilet Plunger - Industrial Version

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Click Here for Video Demonstration

EZ Plunge Never Touches the Water or the Clog - Free US Shipping

  • EZ Plunge never touches the water or the clog, keeping disease carrying germs where they belong in the bowl
  • Quickly and effortlessly clear toilet clogs without splashing or dripping
  • EZ Plunge makes clearing a clogged toilet simple, clean and safe for the whole family
  • 90 Day Satisfaction Guarantee
EZ Plunge - Mess Free Toilet Bowl Plunger

FREE US Shipping!

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EZ Plunge is the revolutionary toilet plunger that replaces your existing unsanitary plunger with an easy to use alternative that makes clearing a clogged toilet simple, clean and safe for the whole family. Unlike traditional plungers that go directly in the clogged muck inside the toilet bowl, EZ Plunge sits on top of the toilet bowl rim and never touches the water or the clog, keeping disease carrying germs where they belong – in the bowl.

Click Here for A Video Demonstration of EZ Plunge

EZ Plunge utilizes patented flow-through pressure equalization technology that forces compressed air through the water in the toilet bowl directly targeting the clog. EZ Plunge's patented design combined with high quality components provides you with an easy, reliable way to plunge a toilet.


STEP 1: Make sure the lid (fig. 1A) and the toilet seat (fig. 1B) are in the upright position. Wipe the rim (fig. 1C) of the toilet bowl to until clean.EZ Plunge Step 1

STEP 2: Place the EZ Plunge directly over the bowl with the flat spot at the back of the rim so that it touches the toilet seat. If you have an elongated toilet bowl, the flat spot at the back of the EZ Plunge, may not touch the toilet seat. With the EZ logo at the front of the rim, make sure the flat underside of the foam wall directly touches the rim and forms a tight seal.
EZ Plunge Step 2

STEP 3: Place your hands directly on the clear top piece so that they are centered as shown (figs. 1E, 1F). Push straight down with your weight on the top of the EZ Plunge so that it compresses uniformly (fig. 1G). Vigorously compress the foam with a repetitive pumping motion. The faster you push, the faster the clog will clear. When it appears the clog is clearing, remove the EZ Plunge to allow air in the bowl.
EZ Plunge Step 3

EZ Plunge is an important breakthrough in the fight against infectious disease. Research shows that toilet water contains harmful infectious fungi, viruses, allergies and bacteria. When a toilet is plunged with an outdated , traditional plunger, splashing airborne water droplets carry diseases like E-Coli, Salmonella, Stomach Flu, SARS and Papollomavirus. The EZ Plunge waterless plunger eliminates contact with infectious water and dirty plungers, creating a safer environment in the home and at work.
What's In a Bowl?
A recent study revealed that The average toilet bowl contains 3.2 million harmful bacteria, viruses and germs per square inch. Many of these microbes are harmful and some are potentially fatal. The Centers for Disease Control reports an alarming 73,000 documented illnesses caused by E-coli annually. Symptoms of E-coli include nausea, vomiting, stomach cramps and diarrhea.
Another dangerous microbe found in toilet bowls is the common Influenza Virus. Of the millions of reported cases of flu each year, the CDC reports an average 200,000 hospitalizations and 36,000 deaths.
While the exact number of annual toilet related illnesses is unclear, it's not difficult to see why keeping disease carrying water in the bowl - where it belongs is important to the health of you and your family. Because EZ Plunge covers the bowl while you plunge and prevents splashing and airborne particle transmission, your risk of coming in contact with toilet bowl water is eliminated.
The Plunger in The Corner 
Avoiding toilet bowl germs from day to day is a chore - but avoiding toilet bowl germs while plunging a toilet is a nightmare. Anyone that has contracted E-Coli or the Flu Virus from plunging a toilet will tell you how dangerous the germs in a toilet bowl can be to you and your family. That's why eliminating a potentially dangerous source of disease transmission like a traditional plunger is important.
After plunging a toilet, traditional plungers are stored in the corner of the bathroom, under the sink or other easy to reach places for toddlers and small children. This type of storage creates increased risk for the spread of infectious diseases. The Mayo clinic reports that that the common flu virus can survive outside the body for up to 48 hours and Hepatitis B can survive for up to 90 days. Even worse, non porous surfaces such as rubber and plastic provide more suitable living conditions for viruses than porous surfaces like fabric, skin and paper, which means the rubber surface of your traditional plunger is a perfect place for germs and viruses to hibernate until they come in contact with unsuspecting victims.
EZ Plunge - The Clear Solution 
If you've worried about the risks associated with plunging your toilet, worry no more. EZ Plunge is so simple and easy to use you'll be amazed. It's so easy, just about anyone can use it - even your kids. Now that you know about this revolutionary breakthrough in plunging and disease prevention, why would you ever use an outdated traditional plunger again? Don't wait for another disgusting clogged toilet to make you wish you'd ordered the patented EZ Plunge.


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