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Kegel Exercise Device

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WHY Choose the KegelMaster Vaginal Exercise Device?

by K. Rose
HerAnswer.com, Co-Owner

That's what we first asked ourselves.

  • Why should we carry this type of 
    exercise device?

  • What makes the KegelMaster good enough for us to offer our customers?

 After our "investigation", here's 
what we found:

  Compare it to the competition HERE

8.95  Buy it
Includes Free US shipping and instructional DVD

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The Problem:  It's more common than you might think.  

From minor...

We just returned from a 10 day trip to Disneyworld to celebrate our 20th wedding anniversary.  It was great, but my sneezing really put a damper on my trip.  

You see, ever since my son was born (almost 11 years ago), I've had those "little leaks" when I cough or laugh or - sneeze. It might only happen a few times a week, but on this particular trip, all that beautiful greenery played havoc with my allergies, and I began sneezing several times an hour.  Well, if I'm sitting, it's no big deal - but you don't sit much in Disneyworld - you're on your feet all day.

Each time I'd sneeze, I'd have to stop, cross my legs until I was done (I usually sneeze twice in a row), then I could catch up to my family.  Each time I'd wonder, "Do people think I'm weird doing this?" or "What if they know why I'm doing this?".  The problem that had been a bit of an irritating nuisance to me up to now, had become miserable and frustrating PROBLEM.  

I had read about Kegel exercises while I was pregnant in one of those books about childbirth  and had recently seen some Kegel exercise devices on the internet.  I began to wonder if this might help me and be good for our customers as well.

I'd never talked to ANYONE about this before. But after I began my research,  I began talking to my girlfriends about the fact that so many women suffer from this - like me.  Then they'd say - "And me."

To Major...

A wonderful woman very close to me has suffered from stress incontinence for years, and she eventually developed prolapse of the cervix.  She'd share with me about how unpleasant (I think she used a more colorful word) it was to have to push her cervix back up numerous times a day.  She recently had to have surgery to (as the doctors put it) "tighten everything up in there".   Her situation is not uncommon.

Millions of women suffer from similar challenges due to weak pelvic floor muscles (often referred to as PC muscles or Kegel muscles).  There are a variety of causes for these weakened muscles - childbirth and the aging process are the most common.  I don't know about you, but most women I know have had children AND are aging!

The Solution: Kegel exercises to tighten the PC (Kegel) Muscles

Effective Kegel exercise devices can help millions of women worldwide who silently suffer from the maladies associated with weakened Kegel muscles.

In our research, we learned that though Kegel exercises can help these conditions, but most women won't do them, or they're doing them incorrectly.  However,  using a Kegel exercise device with resistance drastically improves the effectiveness of the Kegel exercises because it helps isolate the correct muscles (and lets them know it) while providing the added benefit of progressive resistance.  

So, we purchased and studied 3 of the most popular Kegel exercise devices.

One of our goals at HerAnswer.com, is to offer products to our customers that we truly believe will help them - products we believe in.  In keeping with that goal,  we purchased three of the most popular Kegel exercise devices in three different price ranges to check them out  - the KegelMaster was the most expensive.  We wanted to know which one was the best product and the best value.  Once we received them, the comparison was interesting:

The higher the price, the higher the quality.  

  • The least expensive product was obviously a cheap attempt to make some quick money capitalizing on the success of the more expensive units.  

  • The mid priced exerciser appeared to be made of a moderate grade material and, in my opinion, did not feel that solid.  The spring area is exposed and there is nothing to hold it closed on its own.   The edges are somewhat angular.

  • The KegelMaster is built well and is very solid.  The spring area is enclosed.  There is a safety/adjustment knob that holds it closed (when you want it to) and allows you to gently open the unit - reducing the potential for accidents.   All of the edges are rounded and smooth.

    I always wonder when a company cuts corners in one area, where else might they do the same?  Is the manufacturer more concerned about offering a quality product or making money?

The higher the price, the greater the range of flexibility.  

  • The cheapest model had only one tension level with one scissor type of spring.

  • The mid range model uses up to two springs at once with  6 levels of resistance.  The highest level of resistance seemed to be equal to about level 3 or 4 of the KegelMaster.  

  • The KegelMaster has 15 levels of resistance using 4 springs.  I'm sure not all women need all 15 levels.  However, all women are different - different sizes with different needs.  You may only need up to level 3, but you may need up to level 9 or 15 to achieve and maintain the results you desire.  When considering that this purchase is meant to last a lifetime, it only makes sense to have more options.

    See chart below showing the resistance strengths comparison.

To be quite honest, we could make more money if we chose either of the less expensive products.  However, in our opinion, we would be offering our customers either an inferior product or one that would have limited effectiveness.

I began using the KegelMaster at level 3 just a few days ago.  I can already notice a difference.  Eliminating those "accidents" was my goal - but both my husband and I have noticed the wonderful side benefit; those tightened muscles definitely enhance our most intimate moments.

In summary, we believe the KegelMaster Vaginal Exercise Device:

  • provides the best value for our customers.

  • provides the greatest potential benefit to women.

  • can benefit the largest number of women.

We chose the KegelMaster - we believe you should too!


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