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Kegel Exercise Device

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Using the KegelMaster Exercise Device, many women have experienced a dramatic improvement in the quality 
of their lives.  Here are just a 
few of their stories.

Learn about how the KegelMaster has helped these grateful women.


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98.95  Buy it
Includes Free US shipping and instructional DVD

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"I have been using the Kegelmaster for 3 weeks and I no longer have a problem with incontinence."

For the past year I have had a problem with incontinence. I tried doing kegels but they really didn't help. When I found your product, I decided to give it a try. It is fantastic!

I have been using the Kegelmaster for 3 weeks and I no longer have a problem with incontinence. My husband says it's like being a newly wed again. He is very happy with the results. 

I am telling every woman I know about the Kegelmaster. This is a great product!

Thank you Kegelmaster 2000. 

Sincerely, -- Debora

"My husband gave me the Kegelmaster as a Christmas gift."

Ever since the birth of our daughter, I've had a terrible problem with incontinence. The doctors all said the same thing, "Do Kegels." What lame advise. I could kegel night and day, and not have any relief.

My husband heard of Kegelmaster on the Bob and Tom show, and thought it my help my incontinence problem while having bonus benefits for him. I must admit when he gave me the devise, I had some serious doubts.

All those doubts disappeared after my first session. I can now laugh, cough, sneeze and do high-impact aerobics without fear of the dribbles.

I can not say enough good things about your product. I wish I had heard about the Kegelmaster years ago. If a device such as this were invented to help men, national media would be all over it.

I only wish Kegelmaster could receive that kind of exposure, so that all women could benefit from this great product.

I intend to tell my friends, and suggest my doctor tell his patients about this terrific invention.

-- T.M. Indiana

"Since using the Kegelmaster I have returned to exercising three to four times a week without incident"

I have had Kegelmaster for 3 months or so. Using it three times per week has improved my muscle strength tremendously.

I have not had any incontinent episodes in the past month. I am only 47 but had been having incontinent episodes for over a year when exercising or running. I had to give up aerobic exercises that I loved. But since using the Kegelmaster, I have returned to exercising three to four times a week without incident.

My husband can feel the difference and so can I! It's wonderful. On my next gyn visit I am taking the kegel master with me to show my doctor how well it has worked so he can recommend it to other patient like me.

I am very impressed with the product.

Thank you. -- S.S. California

"Now, after 2 weeks I am happy beyond belief."

I'm a runner, and the only thing that would ruin it for me is if I would drink something one to four hours before my run and not being able to time my pre-run bathroom trip just right. Risking dehydration was a threat. I don't have to tell any female athlete what I am talking about!

I love running but probably hate those little "leaks" even more. Your Kegelmaster makes so much sense.

Just like a piece of Nautilus equipment it's progressive and unlike conventional Kegel exercises it provides resistance. Plus unlike Kegels it's not boring. Kegels never worked for me at all yet I sensed after 2 days of using your product I was going to have a lot fewer "accidents."

Now, after 2 weeks I am happy beyond belief.

Now I know I most likely will never have an accident-ever!! I won't even go into what it has done for my sex life. Let's just say the Kegelmaster does everything you promised and more! Thanks for having such an ingenious product.

-- T.F. Tennessee

"I now use the Kegelmaster 3 times a week, and I never leak, not even just a little."

I am a woman who suffered (past tense) from incontinence. Before using the Kegelmaster 2000, I thought there was no hope for me, my control was lost, and my lifestyle was very uncomfortable.

I used the Kegelmaster for the first time and I was able to close it about a quarter of an inch. Not very much, I know. But using the Kegelmaster just that one time was enough. I gained some control back, and I was able to actually stop the flow of my urine when I wanted to. I hadn't been able to do that for years.

It was wonderful! And it gave me hope. I now use the Kegelmaster 3 times a week, and I never leak, not even just a little. With the help of the Kegelmaster I now live my life incontinence free!!!

Thank You Kegelmaster 2000!

 -- E.J. Michigan

"Why aren't doctors pushing this?"

I can't tell you how unbelievably fantastic your product is.

I am an active 70 year old and never thought of myself as "incontinent" even though I was having 3-4 little accidents a day. Typically I would get up to go to the bathroom, and just never make it.

After using the Kegelmaster just twice , I have not had a single accident - - and it has been over three weeks now!

This is strange! There is virtually no effort involved. Why aren't doctors pushing this?

-- L.D. Florida

"I noticed a difference using it for only three weeks."

I'm almost 50 years old. A year ago my doctor told me to start doing Kegel exercises because I have an incontinence problem.

I tried doing Kegel exercises, but I didn't remember to do them enough times to do any good, so my daughter told me about the Kegelmaster. I tried it. With this I could plan my exercise routine.

I use it about twice a week for about 10 minutes each time. I noticed a difference using it for only three weeks.

I've now been using it for about three months and I haven't had any more problems with incontinence.

One other thing I was pleasantly surprised about. Sex was becoming painful at times. Not anymore. My sex life has improved. The quality is much better. You might say that I'm a very satisfied customer!

-- Satisfied


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