For Visa, MasterCard, and Discover cards, the CVN, or Card Verification Number is a 3 digit number found on the back of your card in the signature area.  Your card number should be printed here along with a three-digit number at the end. (Some newer credit cards only show the last four digits of the credit card number on the back, followed by the CVN number.)

For American Express cards, the CVN is a 4 digit number printed above and to the right of the imprinted card number on the front of your card.

Some cards do not yet have CVN numbers.  If your card does not have a CVN number, please leave this field blank.


CVN,  or Card Verification Number, is an authentication mechanism created by card companies to help reduce fraud with online transactions. It requires the card holder to have the card physically in hand in order to enter three or four digits found printed on the card itself.  The CVN is a number that is printed, not imprinted, on your Visa, MasterCard, American Express, or Discover. This number is never transferred during card swipes and should only be known by you, the cardholder.

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