Natures Rite Sleep Apnea Relief

405 1.6ounces

- 30 capsules


  • Enhances respiration for steady breathing
  • Relaxes muscles to encourage restful sleep
  • Helps end the constant interruption of sleep
  • Features a herbal combination of thyme, chamomile, lobelia, meadowsweet, and cramp bark
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Herbs for the Natural Relief of Sleep Apnea
One capsule of Nature's Rite Sleep Apnea Relief TM taken 30 minutes before bedtime stimulates stronger breathing which can help reduce the drop in oxygen levels that can trigger sleep apnea. The supplement features a unique herbal combination of thyme, meadowsweet, chamomile, lobelia and cramp bark. This herbal combination in Nature's Rite Sleep Apnea Relief can help with all aspects of sleep apnea. It relaxes muscles that restrict nerve flow to the diaphragm, increases drowsiness, and strengthens breathing and lung efficiency, all while protecting the stomach lining.

The unique herbal combination in Nature's Rite Sleep Apnea Relief helps boost respiratory wellness to allow an increase in pleural activity, promote overall respiratory health, and support the musculoskeletal system for a smooth transition of relaxation and a refreshing night's sleep.

Suggested Use for Natures Rite Sleep Apnea Relief
Take one capsule 30 minutes before bed-time. Do not take more than 2 capsules in one night.

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