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Reversion Usage Information


How Do I Use Reversion?

Are There Any Side Effects When Using Reversion?

How Is Reversion Different From Other OTC Acne Products?

Will Reversion Work on My Back?

Is It Normal To Experience Stinging with the Acne Medication?

Is Reversion Effective for African-Americans?

Reversion Acne Control System
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How Do I Use Reversion?

Step 1 - Antimicrobial Wash 
Apply a dime-sized puddle of Reversion Antimicrobial Wash to a clean washcloth, wet with warm water. Wash in a gentle circular motion. Spread lather even over affected areas and leave on for one minute only. Rinse thoroughly with warm water. Pat face dry. Use twice daily.

The Antimicrobial Wash uses Chloroxylenol to eliminate 99.99% of the skin's surface bacteria that causes acne for up to 12 hours. Its super cleansing power removes stubborn deposits from pores and hair follicles better than soap.

Step 2 - Acne Medication
After cleansing your face, pour a nickel-sized puddle of Reversion Acne Medication in the palm of one hand. Using fingertips of the other hand, apply to face, neck, chest and/or back, as needed. When dry (5-15 seconds), apply oil-free sunscreen and/or non-comedogenic makeup as usual. 

This medication uses 2% salicylic acid* to exfoliate and gently loosen dry skin debris and dirt that plug the pores. If you have sensitive skin, please use this product as a "spot treatment" on your breakout area only. You may also use a cotton swab or Q-Tip to apply the Acne Medication. 

* if allergic to aspirin please do not use the acne medication.  

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Are There Any Side Effects When Using Reversion?

Some people may experience a mild irritation or sensitivity to either of the products, although these occurrences are well within the normal expected population range for skin sensitivity to anything. An exception to this would be a person who is allergic to aspirin, which is acetylsalicylic acid. Someone who is allergic to aspirin should not use the Reversion Acne Medication because it contains salicylic acid. If you are allergic to aspirin, we do not recommend the use of Reversion. 

The ingredients of the Reversion Antimicrobial Wash, which are the same as those in surgical scrub soaps, have been approved by the Food and Drug Administration for topical use in the conjunctiva of the eye for surgical prep, which means that this is a very mild material to use on the skin itself and should not cause anything more than mild irritation, if that.

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How Is Reversion Different from Other OTC Acne Products?

Many people have noticed that other over-the-counter acne medications such as Oxy-10 and Clearasil aren't as effective as they had hoped. Clearasil and the Oxy products have a single acne medication which is benzoyl peroxide. Benzoyl peroxide has two areas of activity: that of an exfoliation agent and that of an antimicrobial, or bacteria-reducing, agent. The problem is that benzoyl peroxide can only effectively eradicate up to 94% of bacteria. Within a six hour period of time, the remaining 6% will multiply and create a new population of bacteria on the skin surface. 

The Reversion Antimicrobial Wash has been shown in scientific tests to kill 99.9% of surface bacteria with a one minute application to skin; this allows a 12 to 24-hour period of time before significant bacteria can reacumulate by multiplication. This product is combined with the Reversion Acne Medication (which exfoliates excess debris from the skin) to form the Reversion Acne Control System, causing superior effectiveness in controlling multiple factors of acne.

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Will Reversion Work on My Back?

You may wash your back with the Reversion Antimicrobial Wash twice daily just as you do your face. You may also apply it sparingly to the active acne spots on your back and leave it on overnight. This will usually cause those places to subside and heal. If you have places that have been active for months, you may have cysts underneath the skin which may have to be incised and drained by your doctor. You may have your doctor do a series of Jessner Peels (chemical peels) on your back which will really help to "un-clog " the pores and help clear up as well as prevent new acne lesions.

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Is It Normal To Experience Stinging with the Acne Medication?

The acne medication can sometimes sting your face but if it is an uncomfortable feeling or causes dryness or irritation then we recommend that you cut back to using it every other day. Sometimes repeated use does help people become more "used to" the medication and other times the "every other day" method works. A lot depends on the person and their skin type.

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Is Reversion Effective for African-Americans?

Yes. The Reversion Acne Control System is effective on all skin types

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These statements have not been evaluated by the food and drug administration. The products mentioned are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease. Always see your licensed health care professional for proper diagnosis and treatment.


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