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Tan Towel - Testimonials

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Self-Tanning Breakthrough. FREE US Shipping - Results Guaranteed!

Travel Agent tells everyone "I've been to the Isle of TT"
The end result: I've used your TanTowel (TT)—your TT is great. In the last 3-5 years, I've realized the big yellow thing in the sky is not a good thing. I live on the east coast and love the ocean, but I find myself choosing to hide under the umbrella, hopefully avoiding more damage to my cells. Hopefully, I will look 52 when I'm 72. I know that I'm not Cher, so expecting anything more is unrealistic. But, I have used your TT and I look and feel good—without the UV's. When everyone asks, "you look great, where have you been?", I respond, "I've been to Isle of TT." When you go public, please let me in on the IPO. Best regards, David Methuen, Massachusetts

TanTowel - Classic
Formula for fair skin or beginning tanners
10 for $22.50  Buy It

TanTowel Plus - Half Body Application

TanTowel Plus
Formula for olive skin or frequent tanners
10 for $26.50  Buy It

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News Anchor admits "I'm an Addict"
This is really too cool not to share with you guys about how TanTowels are catching on down here in Alabama! I wrote to you not long ago about how I had been using TanTowels, loved them and found them even more useful while undergoing cancer treatment. If that doesn't ring a bell, I'm the news anchor in B'ham, also a TanTowel addict.
  Well, I was emceeing this fundraiser on Saturday night and walked into the ladies room. As I walk in, I hear these very beautiful women at the mirror talking and one says, "Oh thanks, actually, I use TanTowels." She goes on and on about how her glow is not from the tanning bed and how she loves them, then says, "They even dry quickly so they don't get on your clothes!" I immediately chime in, "Yeah, and they NEVER streak...it's really amazing." Then they both say "You use them too?" I explain, "Uh-huh, all the time."

We suddenly hear this voice from a stall that says, "am I in a TanTowel commercial?"  I mean this is like word for word of the conversation. It was really cute.  Not a day later, I'm doing a story on people who are addicted to home shopping and infomercials and the lady is explains "I have everything, and I just got these TanTowels, but I wonder if they streak?" I'm thinking to myself at this point, I need to sell these things!!!

I just wanted to share these stories with you cause I know it's great to hear good news about your product. Take care!  Nikki, Birmingham, Alabama

Part-time Model says "I'm Continually Complimented"
I am emailing you to tell you I am a loyal customer and huge fan of your 'TanTowel' product line. I have been using TanTowels for over a year and have been continually complimented on my tan. In fact, during the winter months I have been forced to invent "weekend getaway" stories to validate my realistic color. Thanks for producing such a great product!  Also, if you have any excuses I could use to justify my great tan with your product, I could use some new ideas.  Best regards, Eric, Atlanta, Georgia

This product has saved my life" shares Skin Cancer Survivor
I would like to take this opportunity to express my feelings towards TanTowels. I started using your product 2 months ago and now make it apart of my routine. Each night after my shower, I wipe myself down with a TanTowel, and by morning, wake up with a healthy and natural tan. I was very skeptical of self-tanning products. I had a bad experience a few years ago with an over the counter self-tanning product and my skin turned orange.

Nine months ago I went to my dermatologist for acne and he noticed a mole, which didn't look right. He removed the mole and tested. It was non-melanoma, thank GOD. I had spent my life outside in the sun with baby oil and in the winter months tanned in a tanning bed. My dermatologist suggested a new hobby for me, other than tanning. I was devastated. I enjoyed lying out in the sun.

One night I sat down after dinner and turned on the TV. They were introducing this product called, TanTowel. I'm viewing this young woman wipe her skin with a towel, expressing how it wont streak, discolor your clothing and will give you a healthy and natural tan. I was impressed an ordered that night. I received a box of TanTowels in 7 days and immediately started to apply the wipe to my skin. Next day, I couldn't believe it, I was tan. I had a light bronze tan and no streaks, I was excited. I now order over the web site and apply daily; I have a great tan.

Last week I visited my dermatologist to have a few more moles looked at. He noticed my tan and was not happy. I removed a TanTowel from my pocketbook and explained my tan now comes from a towel. My Doctor was impressed and excited for me. He couldn't believe how nice my tanned looked and showed me off to his employees and patients. Everyone was looking at me with amazement; yes this tan actually came from a towel.

The main reason why I'm taking this opportunity to write you is because I truly believe in this product. I've been communicating my testimonial to my friends, family and even my dermatologist. I'm very enthusiastic and optimistic in the way I envision this product. I see this product to have extensive growth. My dermatologist had expressed to me that many of his patients ask about self-tanning products and he would like to promote a product that works. Your product is quite affordable to comparable brands on the market. Another enabling factor, are people. I enjoy showing off my tan and informing others, that there is a product that can give you a natural and safe tan, which happens to be inexpensive. I can honesty say I love and I use TanTowel. This product has saved my life. Thank You, Jane, Watertown, CT

"I'm Cured" proclaims Nurse
I have tried your new product, X-foliator for three days and the results are amazing. I have a couple of medical conditions, which contribute to the worst case of dry, cracked, and sloughing skin on my legs. After only 2 days of using your new product, X-foliator, I'm cured! I like the clean, light scent, the easy application, and the fact that it does not leave any greasy residue. My legs were so dry and cracked I felt like a snake about to get new skin. Now I have smooth and moist legs again. Keep up the good work. Sincerely, P. Snyder RN


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